We provide turnkey thermal solutions tailored to your needs.


Nous mettons en œuvre des technologies éprouvées et fiables. 


Nous privilégions la récupération d’énergie et l’optimisation des installations. 

You are looking for a solution specifically adapted to your constraints. We design it, select the equipment from a wide range of French and European partners and carry out the connection work in accordance with the schedule.

Industrial boiler rooms

Recovery and storage of fatal heat

Water treatment units

Vehicle natural gas compression stations

Cooling towers

Solar thermal fields

Our approach ETIC: Efficiency - Transparency - Independence - Compliance

A turnkey solution integrating :

  • Studies

  • Civil Engineering

  • Supplies

  • Hydraulic and electric sites

  • Commissioning

  • Maintenance

  • Operator training

A preferred solution :

  • Safety and Integrated Ergonomics from Design

  • A «Tailor made» realization adapted to your needs

  • Implementation of Best Practices

  • Optimization between CAPEX and OPEX

  • A TRIZ approach

  • Respect and protection for the environment

All our achievements are subject to a certificate of conformity and a CE marking.

The minutes drawn up by us allow the Valorisation of the Certificates of Energy Economy CEE.

Industrial Boiler rooms : Steam 

We provide complete boiler rooms, designed for optimal production of saturated or overheated steam with the following characteristics :

Pressure : 6 bar to 90 bar
Temperature : 160 to 470 °C
Debit : 400 kg/h to 40 t/h
Combustibles : natural gas, fuel, biomass.

Technology: Fume tubes, water tubes, instantaneous vaporization, clean steam.

Operating Mode: SPHP 72

Conforming to rubric N° 2910 of the ICPE
Our commitment: the value of returns

Industrial Boiler Rooms: Thermal Fluid

We provide complete boiler rooms, designed for optimum production of high temperature heat with the following characteristics :

Temperature : 160 °C to 340 °C
Power : 300 kW to 15 MW
Combustibles : natural gas, oil, biomass.

Technology: Streamers, Water Tubes

Implantation: horizontal or vertical

Conforming to rubric N° 2915 of the ICPE
Our Commitment: The guarantee of the heat transfer fluid

Low consumption of regeneration water

Cooling circuits

We provide complete cooling loops, designed for optimal management of water consumption and the non-proliferation of algae and bacteria:

Temperature : 40°C to 27°c

Power : 300 kW to 20 MW

Water : raw, softened or osmosis

Technology: Open Tower, Closed, Hybrid, Dry Cooler Adiabatic

Complies with ICPE heading No. 2921

Our Commitment: Non-proliferation of Legionella

Concentration rate

Water Treatment

NWe design upstream treatment plants for your industrial water, thermal degassers for your boilers as well as solutions for the purification and recycling of your process water.

Debit : 10m3/h to 400m3/h 

Temperature : 10 °C to 105 °C

Water : drilling, surface, process 

Technologies : Filtration, De-ironing, Ultrafiltration, Softening, Decarbonation, Demineralization, Reverse Osmosis

Conforming to rubric N° 2921 of the ICPE
Complies with ICPE heading No. 2921

Our Commitment: The quality of produced water
Low consumption of waterpower regeneration

Compression Station GNV GNL

NWe designs and builds natural gas compressor stations for the supply of fleets of public or private vehicles with the following characteristics :

Pressure : up to 350 bar
Debit : up to 3000 Nm3/h unitary
Power : up to 300 kW per machine

Technology: Multi-stage piston compressor

Implantation: In container

Slow filling in place or on fast terminals

Our commitment: 24/7 availability of machines 

Crédit photo GREENoneTEC

Solar thermal fields

Hot water production plant for preheating an industrial process or food water of a steam boiler, having the following characteristics :

Temperature : just to 90 °C
Area : 500 to 18 000 m2
Power : 1 to 12 MW
Annual energy : 1 to 10 GWh/an

Technology: single / double glazed flat sensors
Implantation: horizontal or vertical

Installations complying with ADEME 

Our commitment: the annual value of the producible