Optimization -Energy Savings for Sustainable Industry

We contribute to the

Energy Transition of 

Industry and Transport

« We are a team of experienced professionals»

CH4nge develops Turnkey Industrial Projects and provides Services in the fields of Energy and Thermal Processes.

Our team of experts allows us to process in a very safe and effective way any project related to:

 Industrial thermal processes.

 Natural gas compression

 Renewable energy production.

Whatever your industry, we benchmark proven solutions.


June 2019

CH4nge wins the Sails of Energy and the Environment 2019.

CH4nge wins the Sails of Energy and the Environment event of 2019.

Teammates are shown aboard the SALONA 42, chartered by the CAP ENERGIES, JC competitiveness cluster.
MRAKIC won in the OSIRIS 1 category, after two intense days of
regattas that saw more than 20 sailboats compete in the second edition of the

Sails of Energy and the Environment, in Marseille on June 8th and 9th.

The V2E, a nautical event, brings together every year the actors of the Energy (GrDF,

Engie, Dalkia, ....) through roundtables organized around the

preservation of the planet's resources.

June 2019

CH4nge SAS Subsidiary of the STI Group ENERTION 

CH4nge SAS subsidiary of the STI Group ENERTION

was created to improve Industrial Energy Performance by reducing consumption of fossil fuels.

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